Hawaiian Floral Arrangements &
Spiritual Poems
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Those Who Deeply Love
And appreciate flowers--
Their grace, their beauty---
Have hearts which truly must be
Equally as beautiful.

Whenever I look up,
The vast expanse of the sky
Always reminds me
How Limitless and Infinite is
The Love of the One God.

How can we measure,
Even start to understand
The Law of Nature,
So great, with our own minute
Mental theories on life?


FAITH, In essence,
is observing,
Spiritual principles
In daily life.
Let us act accordingly.

The cause of all
The disturbance in the world
Is the neglect
Of spiritual principle.
We reap the results of this.

A Country in which
Principle and order are kept
Is an ideal place,
A Utopia, where all
Live under God in peace and love.

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