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Hawaii law requires real estate licensees to disclose orally or in writing to Seller and/or Buyer whom the licensee represents.

When I work as Seller's agent,

I owe the highest duties to Seller
My job is to get the best price possible in the shortest period of time to find the "right buyer" for your property.

My marketing system is designed to do so.  It goes well above and beyond the traditional marketing of average real estate agents.

Traditional Marketing by Real Estate companies are

  * Sign
  *  Ads
  *  Multiple Listing Service
  *  Open House
  *  Flyers

Lisa Kloess' Upgraded
marketing is designed to increase buyer pool to find the qualified buyer SOONER.
Because I use, all of the above marketing, plus much more.
Lisa Kloess, Realtor
When I work as Buyer's agent,
I represent Buyer only.  I owe the highest duties to Buyer.  My job is to find a property that meets Buyer's needs.

*  Consult with you to determine your particular real estate needs.

*  I will explain real estate procedures, including downpayment, closing cost and purchase agreements.

*  I will show you properties that meet your needs including properties listed with other companies.

*  Disclose material facts known about the property and give current information and conditions truthfully to make decision easier.

*  I will assist you in arranging mortgage financing.

*  I will oversee all work unil completion of purchase.
Everystep is smooth when you work with Lisa M. Kloess